Margin’s Music

Sorry about all this blogging, what can I say, I’m on a roll!
So I’m part of a musical experiment led by producers Dusk and Blackdown, I’ve kindly been given permission to use some pics from our last rehearsal. They were taken by Jonathan Howells, who has done some wicked stuff which you can check here.

Me looking confused, all day long rehearsals hurt the brain and we only discovered air-con the third rehearsal I think:

Dusk plays with his Theremin:

Ableton Live playtime:

Percussion by Renu and in the backdrop lovely visuals by Jonathan:

Sibelius meets MIDI from Reason 4

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  1. […] been broken. I kid you not, conveniently on the week of my penultimate tour date for Margin’s Music. Many thanks go out to Jonathan for coming to the rescue with his mac. Looks like it’s time […]

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