Time to learn guitar

Hey bobablog readers!

Hope you are well and sun-kissed, the weather has been great! I implore Mother Nature to give us more of the same during the May – August months!! It’s been a wee while since I have blogged and so, here I am. Rather than bore you to death with a long-winded post, I’ll try and keep it succinct, I have:

• composed music for Uchenna Dance – and learnt loads about working with dancers, how many bars they work in, inspiration from movement; still got a ways to go, but onwards and upwards

• two thirds the way through “Banded About project”, developing my ensemble leading skills – highlight was working with ‘Fusion Warriors’ at Wilkes Green primary school, what a cool name they chose! Got some feedback from my lil uns at Watville Primary:
(bored because she wanted to play a different instrument, I asked afterwards…)

• still working on my small business and the marketing side, ideally I want a balanced mix of composing/workshopping and playing work, getting there – marketing c’est roi.

• been enjoying reading Keri Smith books; ‘This is Not a Book‘, is cool, I enjoyed ripping out a page whilst on the bus, at it told me to, the person sat next to me looked scared!

• learning loads about my natural hair – sensitive at times, militant and proud the next. I hated the comment ‘Have you combed your hair today?”, I liked the comment “Go on, empress!” – yes I am a nubian queen, Bobbie, Kemetian queen of Hackney!

• Oh, and, I am looking for any interesting programmes for musicians/composers/artists – I need me some more CPD, if you hear of any lemme know 🙂

• I’m going to learn guitar as recommended by Pete Churchill from Balsall Heath to benefit workshopping.

Actually this blog post is still quite long… What can I say? I lied!

1 thought on “Time to learn guitar

  1. Gillian says:

    I love the idea of recording their thoughts, and presenting it here. I need to get a bit more savvy with adding things to my blog. Hmm. Maybe I should start by just blogging a bit more often. Nice to hear from you again Ms Bobbie!

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