March has gone!

All in a day's work

What’s been happening then?

I’ve been mega busy! Completed the All Change Arts project ‘Fast Forward’ and we successfully managed to pull together a quality performance. I was really proud of the young lads from King Henry’s Walk (Youth Centre!)
I learnt about production skills and was in charge of cuing up the music, it was quite nerve racking, I felt proper with my head set, awaiting instruction.

I’ve been busy with Banded About project in Brum – setting up ensembles in primary schools in Handsworth. Lots of good times, I worked with SItar, tabla and brass players. A great laugh, I wrote about it in more depth here.

I am still composing for Uchenna Dance, the performance is next week, everything has to be wrapped up by Saturday gulp! A busy Friday for me!

I’ve also been working a fair bit for MediaSnackers – travelling around the UK – Ireland, the welsh valleys, busy but fun!

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