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My sister Caz asked me to help her with her journalism project which is about Tesco being evil to Streatham’s local facilities. There was a protest and she wanted big sisters to support her whilst she interviewed local mps and Streatham’s residents.

So I cycled from Hackney to Streatham Common and it was loads of fun, central London is lush early morning at the weekend; quiet streets, inspiring architecture, not too many white vans and blind spots making me philosophical about how short my life might be…

Come home time, I discovered I had a puncture and my pump was not doing it any good. At 6pm I had half an hour to sort the issue, or face public transport – eurgh!

To the rescue came Maurice Burton owner of De Ver Cycles. based in Streatham a 5 min cycle ride from my lil sisters’ yard.

I had such a lovely time there, serendipitously meeting a black british cycle champion winding down with a can of red stripe, telling me his cycle stories; how his dad wouldn’t buy him a bike when he was 12, yet when he finally got on, two years later was winning accolades left right and centre. All this info was imparted in a humble, warm manner, we even chatted about my Japan travels.

Maurice’s shop was like being in a sweet shop, trust me, the cycles in the store were lush (but whoay the price tag for some beauties was scary), I couldn’t help but buy some new tyres for lil ‘Light Sabre’ – built for me by Spinwell’s Blacksmile, Maurice was very complimentary over the handiwork and I recorded a personalised message; a cycle love moment.

A nice day, just gotta cycle back in the cold now! My new wheels glide over London’s pot holed infested streets though!

Maurice’s Accolades:

2 thoughts on “Maurice Burton

  1. Dave Harte says:

    Maurice Burton is a sporting legend, thanks for reminding me to go re-read his story. There’s a good piece on him and his son and the problems of competing is such a white-dominated sport in the Guardian.

    Maurice is on twitter as well.

  2. Bobbie says:

    I am following him! Thanks for the Guardian article will check it out!

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