Let’s Dance!

So, I said I was fed up of hustling… the last few months or so have been well hectic!! I can’t complain, hope the summer isn’t too dry!
I composed some dance music for some year 11s at Lister School (based in the east end) last November, video’s to come. They performed it at Stratford Circus. Here is the audio – which was made simply using apple loops, I was given a short period of time to complete it, so went along to a dance rehearsal armed with ma mac, messed with some samples and loved how the dancers reacted to ’em! I really enjoyed the process! I felt immense guilt using them apple loops I must say, I normally write from scratch!! It’s what they are there for but felt a fraud somewhat, even if I did mess with them, edit them, chop them up, add my own shizzle. Anyho…

[audio: http://bobbiejanegardner.com/audio/11.mp3]

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