Nappy Nappy Joy Joy!

I did my ‘Big Chop’ almost 7 years ago. In my early twenties I started to question why I permed my hair. From the age of 13 I had chemically processed my natural tresses, swimming, having my hair touched by my boyfriends and rain were a no-no.

Going against the wishes of hairdressers and ex-boyfriends I had all my permed hair cut off. I think it was a grade/no. 2. Whilst living in Japan I was initially quite lazy with my hair, opting to have the tiny weeny afro. Like this:

Short hair rocks!

I then grew it out and rocked an afro puff, my Japanese students were very complimentary.
school trip 04 (9).jpg

For many years I thought having flowing, long hair was the most desirable and attractive thing! What a fool, I am madly in love with my natural coily, nappy, picky, hair, it’s mine, unaltered.
I have come across some lovely websites that have assisted and encouraged me on my hair journey, it’s important cos you can often get natural hair haters in the UK; especially from my own community. Here are some of my fave natural black hair and beauty sites:

I encourage any black woman who is interested in wearing her hair natural to do so! It’s all about nappy love!!

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    Great story… I like how you went against your ex”s” wishes. It seems like everybody’s got an opinion these days… not a bad thing, but the important thing is that you remain true to yourself, regardless of what anyone else’s opinions are. Congrats on your natural journey!

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