Dazzling Dreams and Nasty Nightmares – Spitz Project

The end of the Spitz MAAS project is nigh and today is our evaluation session.
Yesterday – fellow MAASers Chris, Tim and I completed our performance of Dazzling Dreams and Nasty Nightmares with Osmani school’s lovely year 5.

Dreams and Nightmares was a creative composition project for Year 5 students at Osmani primary school. It explored a range of themes using dreams and nightmares as the stimulus and participants created original compositions inspired by stories and artwork based on the participants’s experiences.

Year 5 wrote songs, used classroom percussion and toys (suitable noisy toys from home) to create music that represented an element of the subliminal journey.

We also used music technology to record sound bytes or words/phrases from their creative work onto an MP3 recorder. I edited them and used Ableton Live to create a soundscape/layered texture of voices that had a musical backing/under layer. It formed the ‘link’ section between the dreams – teaching assistant Nicola helped us with this during the performance.

It went really well, and we managed to overcome some issues to achieve our objectives – we didn’t even have to scrap any songs.

I improved at working with other practitioners with different delivery styles, thinking on my feet, how to utilise better the musical skills of fellow practitioners, the importance of communication, about the necessary gel needed for a team to work well, about timings of activities and how much more I have to learn in this community music world!

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