Youth Inclusion Project – Respect Phase 3

I am working with young people in Shard End (labeled disaffected, disengaged, at risk of anti-social behaviour – negative or what!!)

Well, I think the young people are great, they make me smile loads!!

We are in the early stages of bonding and music making. The aim of the project is to raise aspirations for young people through the medium of music, in various capacities – discussion, mentoring etc.

Here is a track we messed around with yesterday, Mini-me on the mic. The vox is a bit low in the mix, but wanted to upload it anyways. It made me laugh hard!! Using MIDI I added some guitar heroesque solo – it is well cheesy!! Next step is to reduce the references to guns, violence, swear words and disrespect towards women. Aaron Yorke – fellow music mentor is crooning at the end!

[audio: jam.mp3]

4 thoughts on “Youth Inclusion Project – Respect Phase 3

  1. Ben says:

    You obvoiusly have a love for working with young people. Lovely to see. I smiled as I read your post. Would love to hear your MC skills. No guns, violence or swear words and disrespect towards women, that sounds like it might have to be an instrumental!

  2. Bobbie says:

    You are a joker! Watch in a wee while peeps will be mcing about the credit crunch and rainbows.

    I don’t mc but can facilitate lyric writing. Do you?

  3. Matt Hinks says:

    Shard End? Birmingham? And you havent even taken me for a drink? I’m so offended… 🙁

  4. Bobbie says:

    Ha! You don’t even live near Shard End mate.

    Two way thing is communication mi dear.

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