CLS/Spitz/Halley School developments

In just 3 sessions the creative team and primary students I am working with managed to successfully compose lots of songs, which we will perform with CLS next month. I am loving the challenge of orchestrating in a short time!!

Have a listen to some of my faves:

The words have been written by year 2 – 5 students and I think they are great! Workshop leaders Helen, Issy (is a professional singer) and I are singing ’em as a guide for students to learn them, John on keys. Next uploads will be of the primary students and chamber orchestra performance! Songs have used Bartok and Warlock’s Capriol suite as inspiration/stimulus.

The Sound of Calm: – (my group wrote the lyrics)
[audio: sound of calm.mp3]

He’s crafty:
[audio:’s crafty.mp3]

Dark, Crooked, Black Sky:
[audio: crooked black sky.mp3]

[audio: 1.mp3]

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