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Well hello there! I hope this pre-summer lushness is sustained, sunshine makes the UK a nicer place. Smiles, and conversations! Woohoo!
I feel it’s time for a lil Bobbie update, things are going well at the moment, one or two hiccups but I am philosophical about them…

• The Spitalfields Music Apprentice Animateur Scheme is going well – about to start a spring project with CLS, lead artist is John Barber – I am excited about the prospect of writing for a chamber orchestra.
• Have devised an end of scheme project with fellow MAASers Tim and Chris called Dreams and Nightmares to be delivered to a lil primary school in Tower Hamlets. Going to use music tech, live music making and dream games.
• Been shadowing internationally renowned music educationalist Paul Griffiths – and have learnt oodles about leading/directing ensembles for creative music making sessions. I am particularly impressed by the grooves and riffs young people created/played, some really talented young musicians. Highlights of the shadowing/observation of music sessions were leading a small group of musicians through a challenging yet funky, 7/8 metre inspired reggae/swing time jazz riff – which was difficult to play – but we did it! As well as a lyric writing session with 3 merry lasses on the theme of “New World Order” in reaction to the G20 meeting that was here last week. The words we made up in a wee while were:

New World Order – (3)
What are the new rules gonna be?
How will they effect me?
Will they benefit my family?
What will it make the generation under me?

What are the new rules gonna be?
How will they effect me?
How comes there was nearly no money?
How can we trust the banks for our security?

Financial flow,
My purse strings grow,
Financial woes,
Anxiety grows.

Great depression,
This world’s lesson,
This recession.

What are the new rules gonna be?
How can afluenza be kept at bay?
Surely there must be a better way?
To aid this money grabbing society?

Who wrote the old rules and will they pay?
For making us suffer,
For taking us nowhere monetarily.

It’s always interesting to watch other people’s workshop delivery style, when I observed the Urban Sounds project co-run by Paul and Sig at Guildhall – they both had varied styles. One was quite wacky/driven and often ballsy, the other gentler, focused and smiley. One thing necessary for leadership skills is inspiration of participants; an ability for them to be always interested in the vision you have for the group. Salesmen skills are a must, you have to encourage your group all the time: when they are tired, struggling with notes, waiting patiently for a section to master their part etc. You need them on your side and excited to continue working with you. It’s all about timing and pace – chopping the session into sections adds variety and spice; vital ingredients – especially for a long day of music making.

• Networking like a hussy, and starting to get more gigs in Lahdan which is great – which has included working for Core Arts – community music in mental health settings. I had a great laugh playing golden oldie hits, and writing songs inspired by Edgar Allan Poe. We randomly picked a page from a collection of short stories I’m reading, chose an interesting phrase and composed a song. The songs were surprisingly happy sounding.
• Enjoying living in London, apart from one lil hiccup which will hopefully go away really soon – ooh mystery! I’ll write a song about it I am sure. Shopping in Birmingham is loads easier though, I often save my non-food shops for the second city, as I can’t be bothered with central – too many people, tourists…
• Excited about composing sections for the Down Your Way end performance – with Dave Howard, artistic director.
• Also have a few creative projects in the pipeline – but won’t announce them until they materialise.
• Have written to my MP about the police’s assault on Ian Tomlinson. Have you?
• I finished The Artist’s Way 12 week course! I really enjoyed it, have my “God jar” – a really sweet idea in my opinion, where I put all my woes and worries, and still do my morning pages, I got better at doing artists dates towards the end of the course – but have been a tad slack of late.

Here is some atonal stuff from the Fusion orchestra – LSO project led by Paul Griffiths:
[audio: orchestra.mp3]

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