Jamm Sess – Chez Moi

I decided that my lonely living room needed to be used positively as I live in shared accommodation and no-one really congregates there. 🙁

I sent a few texts and invited my London friends to bring their instruments along, nibbles and drinkies.
It turned into a quassi therapy session, old youth orchestra friends lacking confidence in their playing, most had their grade 8s and expensive instruments (laden with teenage days stickers). A few were haunted by bad memories from their youth music playing days: “I never got into symphony, I never felt I was good enough, I never got a solo, played first clarinet…”

Well, we had a wicked time! I led some of the session – used some community music techniques in fact and some amazing sounds were created, nothing written down, all aural! Gonna make this a regular thing methinks. Our neighbour next door sat on the balcony and listened, so couldn’t have sounded that bad.

We ALL had a solo on Sunday!! Okay, so we are not the LSO – but it was nice to just chill, eat pizza, drink beer and play music in the comfort of mi living room. Who needs telly?

Here are some pics and audio!

Simple loop/riff based stuff: [audio: http://bobbiejanegardner.com/audio/Goatmusicjamm.mp3]

Cheesy, post red wine ‘Stand by Me’: [audio: http://bobbiejanegardner.com/audio/Standbymejamoff.mp3]

Post, post red wine and beer using a riff borrowed from Paul Griffiths, aptly titled ‘Funky Donkey’: [audio: http://bobbiejanegardner.com/audio/Funkydonkey.mp3]

Messing with Simon’s tune: [audio: http://bobbiejanegardner.com/audio/Drunkenbrummies.mp3]

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