Get Off My Pedestal!!

A good workshop leader allows time for their artform to blossom, I’d hardly say mine is blooming, but, I have been doing some musical weeding…

EH? What I mean is that I am trying to compose more…

My latest sketch is a tongue in cheeky ditty about romance, here are some lyrics:

Get Off My Pedestal!!

It’s not like you willing climbed up there,
Not like we’ll have an epic love affair,
Mona Lisa, Jimmy Hendrix all got one too,
Putting you up there makes me feel so blue.

Gone from being someone I’d pay no attention,
to an obsessive object of my affection
Vertigo, or do you like the view?
Hard to eschew.

Get off my pedestal!
I’m acting like a fool

Not like you’re a very important person,
Not like you got a cape made out of curtain.
Realising that my chemicals are traitors,
Self-inflicted, my pheromones are perpetrators,

Gone from being a rational person,
To a messed up, bunny boiling version.
I climb the base, oh, yes, the column I’m a creeping,
To knock you off my perch, my poor heart is a-weeping.

Get off my pedestal!
I’m acting like a fool!

Then add some sounds: [audio:] Sing along, although only half the music for the verse is up. I wrote it in the morning and then took notes to MAASERs in the afternoon.

Wonder what it would sound like with guitars? It’s meant to sound quite comical. This song was inspired by a conversation about boys with my lil sister Caroline – (I used to change her nappies when she was little) so it was quite weird chatting about crushes. Anyway I have come to the conclusion that men smell… well quite nice 🙂

Thanks to Chris and Tim playing trumpet and tuba! I reckon it needs a quick arrangement and it’s just about ready!

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