I have had loads of fun jamming and rehearsing with fellow Spitalfields Music Trainee Animateurs.
Fellow trainees are Tim Davy (tuba), Chris Dowding (trumpet), Sophia Efthimiou (voice), Helen Smith (clarinet) and Ayanna Witter-Johnson (cello). We are all working on at least two community music projects throughout the year, have been developing our improvising/jamming skills and trialling community music exercises. We are in the stages of planning our projects that will take place in 2 primary schools in Tower Hamlets.

Helen brought in a lovely Klezmer piece for us to trial. It’s great to have a safe space to trial our ideas and I think everyone’s confidence is growing.

This is what we look like:

Here is some audio of us giving the Klezmer piece a stab, not bad for a first attempt:

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  1. Yemisi Blake says:

    Hey Bobbie,

    I love this jam. Bluesy, bluesy, beautiful.
    Sounds like a brilliant creative space to be in.
    Oh, and there’s a familiar cello in there too!

    Looking forward to your post on the primary school sessions.


  2. Maff says:

    hey this is great Bobbster, can I get it as a ringtone? 😉 x

    ps I reckon I could play the tambourine part (badly)

    pps it’s just ended.That’s your lovely laugh at the end, yes?

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