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Phew! I had a busy day!

I went all the way to Wembley for a RPO education project lead by James Redwood – with 3 orchestral musos and 60 primary school students. It fused literacy, animals and myths – we learnt a song and played with rhythms, similes and alliteration.

James has so much energy and I loved the piece he composed for the school – really beautiful and I liked how he played with metre; the piece effortlessly slid from compound to simple time and back again.

Then I went jammed with fellow Spitalfields Trainee Animateurs, we went through community music exercises; mainly leading ensemble tasks, we also played through Humanoid again, again a rough copy, wrong notes et al., but I like how having tuba and clarinet improvising gives it a totally different feel. Here it is warts and all:
[audio: http://bobbiejanegardner.com/audio/RobotMaaser.mp3]

I think once I have cleaned it up and had a proper practice with musos it will sound alright!

Then I went to the Huddleston centre in Hackney for a project called BAM; it is a ground breaking music club for those with Autism and special learning needs, aged between 15 and 25 years old. Participants are working with experienced practitioner Tina Pinder and poetess/writer Bunmi Ogunsiji.

Today we were given a picture of a swimming elephant (a beautiful pic where the elephant gracefully dives around the sea) and told to write a poem in small groups, participants recited it over a simple elephant plodding riff, I played mysterious sounding keys, facilitator Mick played slinky bass. My favourite line was about the elephant learning to swim at elephant and castle swimming pool – oh and using ‘trunk’ bands in deep water. You can hear swishing trunk sounds too!

[audio: http://bobbiejanegardner.com/audio/Underwaterelephant.mp3]
What a fun day! Yay!

2 thoughts on “What I did today

  1. Tina P says:

    Hi Bobby,
    Really enjoyed working with you at the Huddleston Centre and love the MP3 recording you managed to get amidst the chaos! I thought everyone performed so well and had loads of fun. The project at the Huddleston is all about Word Celebrations and breaking down the barriers a lot of young people with learning difficulties face when accessing written word.
    Just thought I had better mention that the participants are much younger than you have mentioned (they are from 9 to 15 years old)…there is another project run by Kimnara Music (BAM! at Hoxton Hall on Thursdays) where the age range is 15 to 25.

    Hope you had a peaceful day to day and that you got a lay in after your early rise yesterday!
    See you for more fun next week.
    Tina x

  2. Maff says:

    Nice submarine disgused as an elephant…those cunning Nazis

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