Gigbeth Conference

Tomorrow I shall be attending the Gigbeth conference held at quite a posh hotel. I am really looking forward to the music education part, speakers include:

Fyfe Dangerfield (Guillemots),

Janice Long (BBC Radio),

Sheryl Garratt (Elle and Red),

Rich Castillo (Shalit Global),

Marc Jaffery (Music Manifesto), – never heard this chap speak before, (I heard that he has recently left the Music Manifesto) but hopefully he will be an inspirational speaker.

Ian Chamings (Mixalbum),

Andrew Dubber (New Music Stratgies),

Maggie Crowe (BPI and BRIT School),

Mark Meharry (Music Glue),

Alexis Grower (Magrath LLP),

Clive Gardiner (We7),

Andrew Senior (British Council) and more.

I shall keep you updated and might take along mi camera.


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  1. Yemisi Blake says:

    Hey Bobbie,

    Looks like a great line up!
    Looking forward to hearing about it.


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