I went along to Microsoft’s offices in Reading for an e-skills event called Big Ambition. It aimed to promote careers in IT to young women aged between 13 and 15.

I had a blast, I really enjoyed working with some really inspiring, creative, divergent thinkers from Chiltern Edge Community School. I facilitated a workshop where we had to come up with a new technology device/tool. We came up with PeMe – Personalise Me. A shopping experience like no other, where you create a completely realistic avatar, with your body dimensions, fashion tastes, celebrity personal advisers, all fused with social networking and links to other retail outlets.

I was impressed by the speakers but not so much by the (not as infrequent as I would have preferred) mention of consumerism/materialism; less of the ‘You can make loads of money in this sector and have flash things’ – please. Well money is important, but selling the the creativity behind it and the job satisfaction one can experience in IT is far more important I think.

Anyway, that was the only slight unfavourable thing I can mention, because everything else was great! It was well organised and splendid fun! Yay!


Lydia · December 7, 2008 at 11:13 am

Heyy . (:
i think the whole day was amazing and would love to do it again we are all still talking about it and would love to do something like this again .
me and hannah are really thinking about doing something to do with IT when we are older! .
so thanks for the great day! (: x
Lovee x

Bobbie · December 7, 2008 at 2:17 pm

Hi Lydia!

How lovely of you to leave a comment and glad you left the event feeling inspired!

The E-Skills team will be most happy.

The workforce is going to be sooo different in the next couple of years I predict, and there’s nothing like having IT skills up your sleeve.

Have you checked the Big Ambition website yet?
What sort of careers would you consider?


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