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I went along to the inaugural Birmingham Social Media Café meet-up  this morning. I had a great time! Initially, I was a little worried about it being a little cliquey, but my apprehensions were laid to rest as soon as I walked in.

Since it was the first meet there was no agenda, just the opportunity to informally chat and hobnob with whomever you bumped into.

I had a lovely chat with quite a few people, I really enjoyed catching up and sharing Japan stories with Keri Davis, who is a scriptwriter  for the Archers. I finally met Nick Booth in the flesh- and I must report he looks nothing like his avatar, friendlier I’d say. I also enjoyed talking to Tobby from Sleepy Dog– and his infectious enthusiasm for all things social web.

Nice one to Jo Geary for setting it all up and Birmingham Post for paying for the tea!
I think the intention is that the meets happen monthly, and I definitely will be going again! I’d like more lady web heads to please come along!

More wiki info can be found here.

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