Japan Travels: Story Time

Whilst on a bus/coach heading back to Yamagata, quite a few special needs people/students got on the bus. (I had to work with special Ed students each week at my school in Sendai- so could tell straight away). Chris thought they were drunk because of the atypical rowdiness and most seemed to be drinking out of cans that looked like they contained alcohol (I could read the coffee sign).

A guy sat next to Chris and starred him out real intensely. Body touching and angled right towards him. Chris took it well.

Sat in front of me, 2 lads were drinking their coffee- pretending it was beer, saying ‘Kampai’ and then because they thought I couldn’t understand Japanese gave me a little autopsy. Starring, giggling, starring again.

They checked me out a few times and then one said:

Person 1: “That outsider is cute right?”
Person 2: “NOOOO! You are joking- she’s not cute at all!”

The reactions I bring out in men! Well I found the situation funny. It’s seldom you get to see into the Japanese inner circle; the honne.

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