Japan Travels- Lindenbaum

This is one of my favourite coffee shops in Sendai. It is called Lindenbaum. It is very relaxing, I love the use of concrete for interior, classical music that would quietly ease your woes and calm, friendly atmosphere.

The coffee shop is named after German composer Schubert’s “Der Lindenbaum” a well- known song in the classical world. The Linden tree represents tranquility and solice that it so often provides for those who rest against it.

The owners make it a very special place- Tsugio and Keiko- are a couple that are very much in love and very passionate about their work. They make every effort to learn each customer’s name and give the best service possible.

They helped me with my Japanese and encouraged me to speak and practice more. The cake here is amazing!!! Tsugio makes it all, and when I was good would allow me to lick the spoon or be given little treats.

One of my favourites was his Devil’s cake- rich chocolate mouse on a thin bed of digestive and caramel with a subtle raspberry sauce. I also loved his mascapone cake. Yummmm! Tabetaiiiii naaaa!

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