Have your say! The Music Igniter Final Round-up session

Today was the final Music Igniter session. It was a chance for everyone to share the projects they had delivered, discuss the processes and whether the guinea-pig test worked; if you put 10 teachers and 10 community musicians together and ask them to work towards creating innovative, fun, successful fun projects- does it work?

The answer was yes- and even more so if there is proper support from the school.

Nearly all the projects had a few issues, be them organisational ones, staffing or equipment related, but regardless of any problems faced, each group was able to get good results and had young people making music and having fun.

It was interesting to observe that after a lot of work had gone into breaking down tribes- after months apart, (most, not all) teachers instinctively sat together and likewise with the music practitioners. I found myself very guilty here! When we first started the course, Phil Mullen (lead trainer) went to great measures to break down these barriers and there were changes for the first couple of months thanks to music making, bonding etc. Old habits die hard.

I love meeting up with musicians working in the education field- there is always so much to learn and share, and it makes me sad that these things don’t happen enough. I wish there were more opportunities…

I really enjoyed seeing the documentation of a special needs project that happened in Stoke- Steve had brilliantly used wii remotes and wired them to Ableton live so that young people with even the most limited of movement could be musical! Impressive!

I learn’t about the future of Creative Partnerships– that the Change School Programme has been launched and will focus on smaller scale projects focuses on creativity:

“The Change Schools programme is one of three new Creative Partnerships School Programmes, which will be launched in 2008. It will enable schools to enter into a 3-year partnership arrangement (1-3 years for schools already involved with Creative Partnerships) that can radically transform the ways in which the school operates, placing creativity at the heart of its ethos and operation”.

I wish all Music Ignitees well with their futures! Best of luck!

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