Birmingham Bloggers Meetup- 29.4.08

Last night I went along to the Birmingham Bloggers Meet-up as I heard lots of interesting things about the last one via twitter feeds and Brum blogs.

I wanted to rep the ladeez- since I heard few female bloggers had attended previous ones (for whatever valid reasons). I was also curious to meet other bloggers.

Demographics: mainly white, male, geek/tech-head; which as we all know isn’t representative of the multi-faceted, diverse world of blogging. I wonder what can be done to get different types of bloggers attend?

I arrived late (GCSE exams all day and after school commitments) and I didn’t really know where to put myself. No name badges? I was told that they had been used in previous meet-ups. I didn’t know very many people and it was hard to find an opening for networking.

I confess I didn’t stay too long- but my wisdom teeth were/are manic so went home for cocodamol!

What do the Brum Bloggers Meet-up organisers think about…

1. Bloggers speed dating? It could help bloggers who wouldn’t necessarily be paired together to share ideas. Have you done this already?

2. Lady bloggers meet-ups?

What is the overall aim for these gatherings? Is it just a social? Do they aim to do something groundbreaking? Hmmmmm.

10 thoughts on “Birmingham Bloggers Meetup- 29.4.08

  1. Antonio says:

    I think the bloggers meets peaked at the last meet.

    I didn’t go to the first (though attendance was low), and the second definitely was just a social gathering, but after the third – in which Stef, Pete and co. talked about SXSW – there’s not really anywhere else to go with it. A whole load of aggregators showed up after the meet, but what next?

    Hosting meetups is like the new crack in Birmingham it seems, but after socialising what’s next? What’s the point of it all?

  2. Pete Ashton says:

    Hi Bobbie,

    Saw you and meant to say hi but then you left – hope the teeth feel better!

    I think the tech thing (which plays into the bloke thing unfortunately) comes from people who are interesting in what blogging is / can be / etc being from the tech world. That and we techheads are pretty well connected since we tend to be early adopters. There are major issues here but I’d say it’s early days. Like blogging itself the platform of online-realted meetups can be applied to anything and I hope it will be.

    Speed dating is a top idea. I like this a lot. Could do it like a secret santa type names-in-hat thing. I’ll have a think on this!

    I know Joanna Geary has been thinking about a lady bloggers meetup.

    Overall aim, from my perspective, is to put a bunch of people who have one tenuous thing in common (they blog) in a room and see what happens. I’m mainly inspired by the Flickrmeets where a community formed around photography made up of people who wouldn’t otherwise have come together like that.

  3. Bobbie says:

    Hi fellas!

    Thanks for your comments!

    Thanks for the teeth concerns Pete- currently my gums are comforted by frozen peas! I can either spend dollar on music Ed software or on my wisdoms removed privately. NHS- sigh…

    I have two very special tech heads in my life- and if it weren’t for them this blog would not exist. So, I totally agree with you about and respect the tech thing but…

    If there were say an agenda that could make the gatherings feel as though the sessions weren’t just for the engineering of blogs perhaps more diverse/less tech enabled bloggers would attend?

    Say- themed bloggers meets?

  4. Pete Ashton says:


    I guess the point of it all is to see how online conversations and/or communities can create physical spaces where different styles of activity can take place. It’s early days in figuring it out but I think it’s going to throw up some interesting things.

    And don’t dismiss socialising, or try and think of it differently. Random ideas mixing?

    But yeah, it all seems a bit wanky and hyperbole at the moment – my fault as much as anyones (though Stef makes me cringe sometimes!) We’ll get over that!

  5. Pete Ashton says:

    “Themed bloggers meets”. I think that’s the future, but build it around existing communities. There are a lot of music bloggers and photographers in Birmingham, for example – get them all in a room and see what happens.

    Again, think Flickrmeets.

    I need to write all this down somewhere… 😉

  6. Bobbie says:

    Artform/sector specific/existing communities sounds cool, stable, successful but what would make it even more interesting is throwing in more extensive themes be they social, political, dating even LOL!

    I would be interested in the consequences of an amalgamation of different approaches/perspectives to certain topics through blogging.

    Does that make sense? In my head maybe.

  7. Chris says:

    I like the speed ‘dating’ idea a lot. 5min chats then change would be a good way to get people talking to the people they don’t know – There are still people turning up to these things that I’ve not spoken to yet.

    Really good to see you there Bobbie, look after those teeths.

  8. Antonio says:

    @Pete I may have came across harsh with what I said, so I apologise. I do actually think the meetups are a good great idea, but now I wanna see what’s next. I agree with Bobbie on the idea of themed meets. I suggested on Facebook group for the meets that a website be made in a similar vein to pub conversations. At least then there’s some shared purpose to the meets.

  9. Pete Ashton says:

    @Antonio No need to apologise. Your cynicism is incredibly useful and important. Thanks!

  10. Charlotte Carey says:

    Hi Bobbie

    Sorry to have missed you I only made the first half hour or so of the last bham bloggers thing as had my daughter with me. I’ll keep you posted on a couple of ideas I’ve had with others around female bloggers etc.

    But just wanted to say hi – will have a look see if you’re on Twitter.


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