MediaSnackers’ Trainer Recruitment Day

Early this morning, I went along to DK’s recruitment day and now I am exhausted. It all happened at The Hub Bristol. Twas a cool space!

I was one of 6 candidates bidding for the trainer positions. We had to give a 20-minute presentation on a social media platform/tool and then after playtime faced the MediaSnackers dons for the serious bit; a 30-minute interview.

It was really stimulating to see the vast array of people talent that was brought together. Different fields brought to the table were; music theatre, community music, video bloggers, really technically advanced developers/consultancy and law.

All of us were connected by a love and fascination for new technology developments. What really came across was how we’re all avid users of social media platforms and are aware of how it is changing and shaping the way humans interact. I did not have one boring conversation!

I think my presentation on a wiki called went quite well, but my fatigue and nerves during the interview saw some average answers…. hmpf!

Keynote is sooo much better to use than Powerpoint– well impressed! Yes, I know everyone has been saying this! 🙂

It was a pleasure to meet such interesting people!

Here are some (not all) of their blogs:

Chris Unitt– also from Brummage. Licensing consultant
Phil Campbell the super, street tech guru! Project manager for media mashups
Beth Taliston- Video blogger and has a teaching background
Guy- for a day job works in PR but game designer, online community and digital strategy dude
Tim- an MA in music theatre but again web head. Will get blog address up soon.

Time to pack for Japan!

4 thoughts on “MediaSnackers’ Trainer Recruitment Day

  1. Chris says:

    Really great to meet you. Have fun in Japan.

    Btw, y’know I said I had some Funkbox mixes? They’re actually yours and I named the folder wrong. Oops! Great stuff though.

  2. Bobbie says:


    Our music tastes are too similar you know! Lovely to have met you!


    B x

  3. David McQueen says:

    That was you in those pictures!
    Fingers crossed. DK is an amazing man to work with if you get it!!!

  4. Bobbie says:

    Cheers David! You are too kind. DK is safe!

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