Helping the Waterstonz Krew Become Web Savvy

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This weekend I arranged to meet my lil sis and her chums regarding a social media experiment.Tbratz (my adoring nickname for her) and her friends seem to love congregating at a certain shop in town and share/chip in towards buying their favourite books if they don’t have enough money- how cute! I told them they were cool geeks!

Many of Tbratz’s friends professed to not liking computers at all- preferring ‘pen and paper’, so I wanted to show them how social media platforms could become a useful part of their everyday lives.

Anyway- because they are all in their final year of GCSEs and are heading to different colleges, I helped them come up with a fun way to stay in contact.

After several cups of tea, lots of giggles and 1 hour, I helped them set up a wiki were they can all work towards creating a space brimming with memories.

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