Farewell Facebook

I left facebook today and it was really liberating. I left because:

  • It wasted a lot of my time – I excel at procrastinating.
  • I got bored of being poked online and bought virtual drinks.
  • I wrongly thought it would serve as a professional tool.
  • I only seemed to use it for promoting and I can do that on my personal web space/twitter.

Has anyone heard the new Erykah Badu album? New Amerykah, Pt. One (4th World War)? Glossy Madlib production and quasi socio political lyrics about the struggle for African-Americans. As a drum and bass head back at uni I like how it’s beat heavy and has fat, head nodding bass lines. The album is not as a mind blowing as Baduizm and Mama’s Gun but its good to have her back. Favourite tracks are the hypnotic “My people” and “Master Teacher”.

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  1. Antonio says:

    You’re one of many people I’ve seen leave Facebook. I think the social networking phenomenon has had its day!

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