Beautiful Mind

My head hurts; I can’t concentrate very well. This always happens, whenever I have my hair put in braids the first week is my scalp’s moody reaction to my natty ‘fro being neatly parted and plaited.

At present my hair is in the most beautiful shoulder length twists thanks to a lovely lady whom I had the fortune of meeting on Monday. As I walked into Kumba’s welcoming and cosy house, I was given the most genuine, loving hug from her 2 year old son- he had never met me before!

Whilst the hours passed I proceeded to bond with Kumba’s big brain of a fourteen year old- MM. He has to be one of the brightest, analytical, articulate (he busted out words I needed a dictionary for) young men I have come across. We conversed about consumerism, US politics vs UK, literature and memory techniques. Before you conjure up images of a super geek with all the trimmings- this young man oozes super cool and the most amazing thing is he wants to be an English teacher; so our conversation swiftly moved to pedagogy.

I need a word that transcends inspired cos that’s how I felt that night! You rock MM!!!

2 thoughts on “Beautiful Mind

  1. MM says:

    Thank you Bobbie,
    you have to be one of the best teachers so smart and thankyou for what you said bye

  2. Bobbie says:

    You’re the brainy one lad!

    You are gonna go real far! I am jealous! 🙂

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