I live in Digbeth baby

The first year of living round here was uninspiring to say the least. Mainly to do with the lack of greenery, large cranes and scaffolding opposite as well as the drilling that would promptly awaken me.

A few days ago, I had an interesting chat with Andy from Substrakt about the state of things in Eastside: architecturally, creatively etc. We bemoaned the lack of independent shops, the influx of mainstream, duplicate shopping centres and lack of recreational variety for creative people. We drew comparisons from other cities such as Manchester and Edinburgh.

Andy really enjoys living in Brum and hopes to settle, whereas I am slightly less enthusiastic (maybe because I grew up in Brum and Andy didn’t. I had to walk under the grotty underpasses as a kid….).

We discussed the developments in Eastside and actually realised we knew very little about these developments. Andy wants an informative website without the overly cute, hand-drawn flash effects. I want regular updates and am not fussed by the medium; be they in my post box, at meetings- just keep me in the loop oh Nechells Ward!

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