How to make it as a musician?

Whilst flicking through an improvisation manual written by Sid Peacock– I came across a couple of paragraphs under the header: ‘So you want to be a Musician!’ which struck a chord in me. In the ‘Practical Steps’ section when discussing going to music college I read:

“If you go to music college you will most likely leave with very big debts. You will then have to take a job when you leave college to survive and pay back the debts. The result of this is you do not make a living making music.”

And finally:

“My personal advice is don’t take a student loan…. ”

The words affected me strongly because after university, I, like many of the first generation of the newly introduced ’98 Loan scheme and reduction in grants, had to face the the burden of clearing a quadruple figured overdraft. It meant music making and practicing were no longer a habitual pastime. “Boo hoo!”, you may think, but, if you genuinely want to become a musician it will take a lot longer if you are a full time temp. The last thing I wanted to do was practice after filing all day.

I think I partially agree. If you want to be a full time muso, avoid debt as much as you can. Loans can be inevitable but don’t trust the banks!! Debt = no time to practice!

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