Beatheadz Project @ Symphony Hall

So the project has rapidly drawn to a close and I feel quite sad. The young people I worked with were really lovely and I got goose pimples listening to the tracks they produced in such a short space of time.

Some of my favourites: 4hero inspired, chatty Tbrat’s and a rock influenced groove.

We also had a visit from MP Kevin Brennan who went round talking and listening to tracks written by participants. He discussed beat making, the benefits of music projects and disclosed how he uses Garageband at home. He spent a couple of minutes having a muck around with apple loops on Logic and wrote a short ditty.

In just 4 hrs we managed to get all our tracks composed, burnt on to disk and some friendships were made. What a lovely day again! I should be getting a copy of the radio BBC WM interview that was taken and will upload it shortly.

Many thanks to Joy, Jamo, Dan and Liv for all their help!

3 thoughts on “Beatheadz Project @ Symphony Hall

  1. DK says:

    Some phat tunes here – well done to all involved… just been chair dancing to them 🙂

  2. saad says:

    nice beats bobbie, the young’uns got skills…
    was recently introduced to the garageband jampacks, thought they were just a blag befoe but they are actually pretty heavy. been playing around with the remix tools pack, there are some seriously ill drum loops, personally i wouldnt spend £70 on it though, coz i dont really use it for work.
    also, if ur interested in some more upscale shiznit, allow logic and reason its all about native instruments apparently…
    free demo..

    more expensive than logic, but was chattin to a mate who switched and hasnt got a bad word to say about it.


  3. Bobbie says:

    Hi Saad,

    I do use Logic and Reason- but for a 2 hour workshop where social skills are just as important as musical Garageband serves me quite well oh and Logic Express.

    If I have more than 2 sessions then yeah we do more with effects and shizzle.


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