Sharpen Up!

Today I went to Croydon for a Sound Sense training event called Sharpen Up! The aim was to help community musicians market and promote their work better. It helped consolidate a lot of marketing tips I received from other courses and I learnt a lot too!
Our host was the lovely Andrea Encias from British Gospel Arts.

Guest speakers were:

Catherine Pestano (Croydon Music Development Network) who told us the essentials of marketing- the order of steps: business plan, marketing audit, segmentation, targeting, positioning, SMART objectives, marketing strategies and controls.

Gemma Miller (Marketing Office for London Community Gospel Choir) who gave an excellent presentation on how to market on a shoestring. She told us about the 4ps: Product, Place, People and Price are all factors we need to address when marketing our product. And how our clients need to hear our message 7 times before showing an interest in buying.

Richard De Angelis (The Online Creative) who gave us an extensive look into e-marketing. Some of the things Richard said were; we have 3 seconds to convince our clients to stick around, that our online product needs to be honest, generous and sincere and told us how we can generate traffic to our websites.

Talks were followed by a repeat of last year’s debate on using diversity as a marketing tool. We were given two really good polemic arguments that were for and against the legtimacy of using your cultural heritage to promote your work. It allowed for us to explore both sides and reach a pragmatic conclusion.

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