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The bane of my life- marketing and self-promotion-I exaggerate a little, but how I loathe it so! When I first started out as a free lancer- 3 out of 5 cold calls were fruitful- luck or chance or whatever you may call it helped me along my path; but now it’s proving much more difficult.

I really hate cold calling, I detest having to wear the sales person hat- I feel needy, vulnerable and very desperate.
I know a few community musicians who aren’t keen on project management or the administrative side; so simply rely on the demand from arts organisations for workshops- and that is something I am keen to do less of. My cash flow won’t allow for that…

However, by sending out a few emails and drawing from the extensive experience of a fellow community musician/mentor called Pete- I have been introduced to some key contacts- thank you very muchly!

This month, I shall be given advice about writing a business model thanks to Business Link!

I have also had a few meetings with influential arts people simply asking for advice and the low down on funding/ the direction of the arts. By showing my face around and being able to explain in person what I am about; more work is starting to trickle in! Yay! Lesson learnt!

4 thoughts on “Networking, Marketing and Business Models

  1. DK says:

    Great to hear the ‘trickle’ is happening – for me, it’s about ‘how’ you promote yourself… have fun with it, utilise the dynamic platforms on the web and think different.



  2. Bobbie says:

    Thanks for the advice DK! Hope you are well 🙂

  3. saad says:

    not that i’m any kind of expert in this field (or many fields, as u well know)…but seems to me you’re making all the right moves, plus you’re getting a flow of work coming in….so props!
    i hear what ur saying about self promotion…personally the thing i’ve learned is to try and research and understand everything about the targeted organisation, know exactly (and express) what i can bring to the table, and show how what i can bring is NEEDED by them to develop there flex…sorry if i’m stating the obvious, but its coming from the man who is/was the king of getting knock backs…the way i understand it is that the organisations, projects etc you’re going for wouldnt exist if it wasnt for artists like you so there is no need to feel “desperate”. its wicked that your getting on the whole face to face contact vibe as once people meet you, your passion and knowledge instantly hooks u in. but u probably just need to give them ur blog address for them to see the inspiring and influential work that you have done already…as a reader of your blog i feel that it can be a bit too negative at times…(no offense)…so enough with the negative vibes mate, say it loud and say it proud, as jim brown said…
    anyway thats my 10 pence,obviously have way too much time on me hands.

    so to conclude, your talent has and will shine through. and there is no reason that u will not succeed in what u wanna do, apart from racism of course, but thats a given (jokes)

    stay up soulja!

    peez n cheez

  4. Bobbie says:

    Nice one Saad! I did a course with Brum City Council and they gave us loads of advice akin to what you have said, and I have a folder full of useful info. I still don’t like doing it. I’m slightly jaded about these things- I like networking online, meeting people face to face- but phoning peeps hurts.

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