Singing in the rain

Today I did a lot of Bobmin:

  • promotions for community music work
  • promotions for MFG!
  • worked out how to make a speed garage/niche beat and discovered what synthetic sounds are needed for floor shaking bass lines using Logic Pro (I’m nonchalant about this genre but two year nines will beat me up if I don’t supply the goods tomorrow)

It was actually quite satisfying traipsing round town in the rain putting up posters and flyering until my socks started to get damp. The only downside was miserable shops owners, I think the wet weather dampened their spirits. The pork pie telling guys at Swordfish Records wouldn’t even let me put any posters up cos I wasn’t selling tickets there. I looked at posters on the door and realised a lot of other promoters were not either. Grumpy, grumpy, grumpy. Don’t they understand the rules of customer service?

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