Lost for words

So, projects are running quite smoothly-even the not so keen participants are being creative which is always a plus! At Foxford School having to help young people write compositions in three weeks in proving to be challenging but fun. Some of the results are great- it’s just difficult not being able to get round the whole class in the short space of time I have.

After hearing around 60 different compositions and running out of creative juices- I manage to land a seat on a train back to Brum. When queuing to get off I see a familiar yet unfamiliar face. When the penny finally dropped, I was stood right next to Christina Coker and mumbled something stupidly obvious like- “Aren’t you part of Youth Music? The Chair or something?”- (Chief Executive in fact). Then I realised I did not know her name and what I was actually doing? What an idiot! I sounded like a groupie- she politely asked my name- and as I walked up to the concourse I started chuckling at the situation. An inspiring woman to say the least- she has a very impressive CV- and just think she started off as a music teacher!!

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