Man it’s depressing this lack of sunshine. It’s turning everyone melancholy at school and its cold.

So far, community music seems to be beating music teacher-hood by 5-3. Classroom management is the main tyrant, key stage 3ers are cool but challenging and my lack of authoritative- ‘raised eyebrow, you are going against my expectations’ experience is showing. I am receiving great advice from the Head of Music and will persevere to get those young uns having fun with my firm guidance. At least I don’t take it personally, that’s one good thing- and the really annoying students that I thought have a personal vendetta against me having been a pain to all staff. It has been stink bomb week and one went off in my class. It reeked- the perpetrator admitted his folly and was taken away by a senior member of staff- the seventh one this week apparently- its only Tuesday!!

I am working with young people who have autism and we are using music tech to be creative. I really enjoyed seeing how well the participants worked as a team considering they were sat round my mac- the only computer with installed music software they could access. I love the honesty you get too: ‘I don’t like waiting to have a turn, yeah this workshop is better than so and so’s but not as good as…’. People after my own heart.

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