Tech in the afternoon

As a free lance muso cash flow is a incessant hurdle that I am slowly getting used to. In my last post I gushed about looking forward to half-term and having a much needed break. However, I am a slave to the dollar which means this has been postponed. I am now one of three lead musicians delivering a Gigbeth project in Handsworth. I shall be using Garageband to make beats with young people:) Although I have a copy, I use Logic Pro more and have been told by lots of people how easy it is to pick up, I had never really used it to make music until this afternoon that is. I am spending a lovely summer autumn day writing Latin inspired beats. It took 20 mins to get round it!!

According to a trusted friend of mine, Apple now do a deal where you pay £80 a year which lets you go in for an hour’s tuition on anything software related whenever you want, its really useful and the creatives are really good apparently.

I am also getting closer to attaining my dream of working with an organisation that I have admired since 12 to deliver an exciting music project. I won’t say who they are until it is concrete, but, I am becoming slightly more excited!

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