Melting my heart and playing the game

2 weeks until half term and I can’t wait! I have not had a holiday since I became a free-lancer in spring, a little break away is much needed.

‘Bass Culture’ is going really well, we have had hardly any hiccups, which is reassuringly nice. After weeks of not knowing when Apple were going to deliver 16 Imacs from its new eastern distribution arsenal- they finally arrived- and were installed after 2 weeks. We were able to take participants through the basic of Logic Express- using loops to affiliate participants with the program. It all seems to be making sense- applying the beats and skills learnt in practical activities to virtual music software.

I am really enjoying the sessions- there is one group in particular, a year nine class that bedazzle me with their intellect and great attitudes. They have the maturity to actively take part in all exercises; they are open-minded and know quite a fair bit about black music. There are two quiet, gentle lads, who melt my heart each week- they exude such a warmth and genuine quality. So far, every time they have displayed their work to me, I start gushing like a pregnant woman watching a schmaltzy US film. I am sure they think I am weird.

The music teaching is going okay- having to up my game each week, and my voice projection is getting better, getting deeper and louder- soon I shall be giving the late Barry White a run for his money!!

One thing I am really not nailing hard is the publicity/marketing side. How I loathe it! The sarcastic school secretaries, the self-promotion, being vulnerable to whether people want to buy into your ‘product’- yuck!! Yet it is a total necessity- Music Leader are doing a really good networking/ buyers meet sellers marketplace, yet I cannot setup a stall as it falls on a school day and I simply cannot get to Wolvs on time. Booo!!

The Djing is going okay, but, I would not mind more gigs around the UK or abroad- it has been over a year since we started up at the Bull’s Head- time for MFG! development. Stupid Djing question of the month- asked whilst I am playing a funk 45.

Drunk, quite stylish punter: ‘Do you have anything that’s like really old?’

Me: ‘Like how old?’

Punter: ‘Like 15 years old, nothing modern’.

Me: ‘This is about 40 years old’.

Punter: ‘Yeah, you know what I mean’.

I really didn’t. I retold the story to Sister 45 and we sighed. Drunk people; they say the funniest things!

2 thoughts on “Melting my heart and playing the game

  1. saad says:

    oooooh go on with ya gangsta new website very slick…
    i’m sure the two boys with no mates will appreciate u advertising that fact on the internet :)…

    i’ve got a stupid vjing question of the month for ya…

    geezer- “oi mate can u turn the sound up?”

    me- “soz none of these buttons do that”

    geezer – “haha, you’re alright you are” (then proceeds to give me the obligatory pat on the head)

    oh dear oh dear.


  2. Bobbie says:

    i removed the potentially damaging comment about lack of friends. i saw them again today. i adore them. they are super cool.

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