Summer Beats- Hardly Any Sunshine

Been really busy of late delivering summer music workshops. It has been intense, and after a rockyish start, things have gone well. The outcomes have been produced and there have been some participants who have said complimentary things I wish were recorded. Speed garage is the genre of the day, from rock band compositions to young North Birmingham youth spitting on top of urban beats. The aim was to spend the first half of the week doing practical based workshops that explored black and urban styles and then later using the skills learnt to enhance musical compositions using music tech. The centre we are working with has a lovely studio setup with a recording booth. The problem is everyone wants to use the main G5 mac and not the other PCs becausd they did not have badass monitors.

It is funny how certain games that you think might not be fun for self conscious teenagers actually work- if you can sell it properly. The ‘Sun Shines On….’- proved to be a winner, as well as ‘Alien’- a truly silly game.

Enjoying what I am doing, but exhausted from having to continually motivate young people- I suppose that’s the job of any parent or teacher. My brain is drained.

I am thinking of bigger and better projects fusing together two musical industries that I am passionate about- classical and urban. I have a couple of ideas up my sleeve but will reveal them only when they take form. This sounds a lot more mysterious than it actually is.

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