Obssessed with Patrice Rushen

Been listening to a lot of this lady today. I already knew about ‘Forget Me Nots’ and ‘Haven’t You Heard’- mainly thanks to MFG’s Sister 45, but, I didn’t realise how much I liked her slow ballad stuff- some can be a bit cheesy, but so what!

For me she is inspirational; a classically trained turned jazz pianist who scored a lot of firsts:

The first woman to be musical director for a major awards show (the Emmys), was musical director for a Janet Jackson world tour, has produced film soundtracks and has done well in a male dominated industry. This lady has written amazing choons since 1978.

Impressive indeed!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    yeah i can see why u like her…its the moves and outfits innit

    when you’ve allowed the 80’s shoulder pad cheese, check out a truely talented lady…



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