As the summer term draws to a close, I have started to become a little anxious about projects for autumn- there might be some free lance music educators out there who will empathise with me… It is all about marketing and negotiation whilst continuing to deliver projects. Trying to get hold of a Deputy Head during the exam period is toilsome.

One school has asked me to be a music teacher for one day a week, and the potential security it offers is quite tempting.

I still want to do more music workshops rather than music teaching- so will pledge to keep hunting for this sort of work.

I am excited about a potential project I will be doing with BTEC students at a school in Coventry. Hopefully, being able to combine composition with black music history will prove to become a method in engaging young people to write original music creations.

I am also excited by the peer mentors and mentees I am working with for the RESPECT programme. It is great to see how far guidance and encouragement can really offer hope to a person. It also reinforces the actuality of how insecure us human beings really are- Apologies for digressing! Self-belief is so hard to properly formulate inside oneself.

In order to improve my negotiating skills I am reading up on the beloved art form. I had a rather tense experience not so long ago, and it has given me ammunition to make sure I don’t get shafted/enter an agreement where I am not paid a fair sum of money for the services I am providing. The author of this novel has just commenced in his refutation of the win-win concept. Does that mean I have to win and the adversary loose? I like the optimism and dual-opportunism of win-win. For anyone who is interested the books is called “No” by Jim Camp. His writing isn’t too geeky- I hate it when American academics use “Gee” or “Shucks” in guidance books.

One thing I will recommend to any free lancer is getting a good accountant. I met with mine yesterday and he has saved me time, money and reduced my stress levels. It also gives you a kick up the backside to actually make more dollars.

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