Music Igniter End of Phase 1

Day 12 Music Igniter Evaluation
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What an emotional day! Wednesday 11th July marked the end of the first phase of the course- we will no longer have meet ups and training sessions re potential music workshops. Now that we have handed in our proposal forms- from September they will kick off and take form.

We had two sessions this week: One at Blue Coat School in Coventry where we had an opportunity to work in small groups to deliver workshops. We got some invaluable criticism from Phil Mullen.

The final day looked at evaluation issues, child protection and health and safety. There were also some amazing pieces written- all on a political theme. Our piece entitled “Maggie T” was well received; the chord progression and lyric writing was liked by so many people; much to the bemusement of Das and I. I enjoyed making the piece and we are considering recording it.

We were also given guidance on a topic that always makes me feel uncomfortable; Child Protection. It always give me a blue feeling. It did however reiterate advice and guidance from previous courses; unfortunately in this day and age you have to protect yourself by avoiding certain situations.

It is going to be strange not seeing participants of the course for so long, I am however excited to start the projects in September. We have managed to secure funding and will receive some sound advice from Phil over the autumn term.

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