Things are continuing to go well; I shall be doing some summer projects with Birmingham City Council’s Youth Services and LACES (Looked after children).

I also had a meeting with the head of music at my old secondary school and we bounced ideas as to how to get more of the Gifted and Talented students in year nine to take GCSE music through music workshops.

I am still finding working at PB school difficult, some of the other classes are starting to understand the value of being creative and are taking the sessions more seriously, but there is one class at the end who are really trying to make it hard for me and the teacher to get past the warm up stage of our lesson plan. It is like they are immune to the teacher’s shouting. It is such a contrast to the other schools I work out where discipline is not an issue; especially when both schools I atteneded had hardly any disciplinary issues at all.

I am perfecting my proposal writing skills and am working out exactly how much I should charge for the planning and preparation of my projects.

The Respect Programme music mentoring scheme should be kicking off rather soon too!

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