2 thoughts on “Piano pedagogy

  1. ummahzy says:

    Hello Miss Bobbie
    (not sure what you prefer to be called but since I’m in Asia, better do like them and follow up “miss” with your first name)

    I can’t remember how I happened to find your site, but it’s really interesting and I sent the URL over to my brothers in NY, thinking they too might appreciate it. I sent it along with the sentence: It’s nice to mix the thing you love with making money.

    I say that as a hint to them that just maybe they could leave their mundane civil service jobs (like I did) and find something that feeds the soul. Either that, or find such a thing within your civil service work, right?

    In any case I just want to say that I appreciate what you do and…

    well here’s a question for you. Why didn’t my reading ever catch up with my playing (piano). I think that not being able to read better kept me from developing the confidence to explore music that my teacher didn’t assign me to learn.

    Just curious to know if you have any tricks up your sleeve that I could pass to my dad who is still tickling the ivories at 81 years young, but like me never learned to read very well.


  2. Bobbie says:

    The way I encourage my students to improve upon their playing is by using flash cards.

    So, right from the start they are working out the spatial arrangement of notes/analysing the relationship between the piano keys and sheet music.

    That’s the best way- if you are serious about reading the notes that is 🙂

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