Music Igniter Course Day 5 Songwriting: working in small groups students will devise a number of songs from different starting points.

We looked at different ways in getting participants to compose original pieces. Firstly we did some vocal exercises with PM using pentatonic scales. He played and sang some phrases for us to copy. It got our vocal chords warmed up and he led us through an exploration of the A min pentatonic scale. We were then split up into groups of 5 and we had to repeat a riff that he gave us. Once the different layers were underway 3 people were able to improvise over the groove. Then we were split into small groups and told to write a song simply using the pentatonic scale.

We were given some theory/historical background of songs. We were told about child ballads- which feature lyrics collected from Anglo-Saxon/old English songs. Nick Cave has also explored this.

We then spoke about contextual songs; protest, war, work songs, lullabies etc.

I think we wrote about 24 songs in one day. We were exhausted!!!

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