Music Igniter Day 4- What and Why?

This was a day of reflection; looking back at all the activities we had done. We started with a warmer that used pulse and rhyme to get participants focused- which was fun.

Afterwards we had to use the structure and form of a rhyme and make up original lyrics. One group were given the task of making movements for the song-which had hilarious results.

We discussed issues of material, leadership and structure and had a fun speed dating session- teachers and community musicians and updated ourselves with the music education sector.

1 thought on “Music Igniter Day 4- What and Why?

  1. Anonymous says:

    hey, great blog page, didnt realise you were responsible for the next generation of musical talent in brum. much respect. keep on.

    p.s maybe you could change the title to “gardners world” get it? ha i amaze myself sometimes!

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