Waverley School Chinese Music Workshop 29.03.07

I did my first secondary school workshop since passing my Flying Start course. It was interesting, challenging and good fun!!

I did a lot of things that I shouldn’t have: not given enough ground rules about using instruments etc. I did manage to get quite a few things right. I learned about classroom management, how challenging it can be to handle a class of rowdy teenagers and the pressures of trying to get things done within a very tight time limit. I also had do a lot of improvising, stuck around later than I was meant to, become music director and so forth. I was shattered by the end.

I did achieve most of my objectives; I got 20 key stage 3 students to write a piece of music based on Chinese harmonies and melodies, and after gallons of sweat poured manged to produce after 3 hours a piece presentable for 400 people to watch!

Many thanks are needed for the support and advice from music teacher Catherine Broadway for her support and help!

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