The pitch

Today has been a great day!!

I got 2 music workshop leader jobs!!

The first involves doing some ongoing projects with Archbishop Ilsley Secondary School whose members of staff are lovely; such enthusiastic, warm people!!

The other is tomorrow, a bit of a rush job but it’s at a Young Parent’s Conference (mostly female) aged between 12-19 years old. The idea is just to give them taster of DJing. It should be quite interesting! I am working for Dynamic Arts!! The pay isn’t too bad either!

It is crazy how last week I felt quite downcast about not having any more projects in the pipeline, doubting my marketing/networking skills as they appeared to not get me anywhere, then, suddenly a few calls later the work is starting to trickle in!! Hurray!

I received a phone call from the Deputy Head of Archbishop Ilsey and had a meeting with him and the music teacher today. I had a tour of the school and then put forth some ideas for workshops and ongoing projects, addressing key stage 3/4 and the ‘Every child matters’ initiative. Now I have got some work sorted!! Yippee!!

1 thought on “The pitch

  1. marc says:

    Great work Bobbie ๐Ÿ™‚ That music leader meeting worked well then


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