The Music Igniter- Course Kick Off!

Day 1

Tuesday 20 March Birmingham – Custard Factory

Music Intensive 1: participants will work together to devise music pieces from basic ideas involving pulse, rhythm, harmony and melody.

Phill Mullen knows his stuff! He basically got 20 musicians to create effective, beautiful, varied musical explorations out of 2 pentatonic scales. He also used simplistic/mathematical approaches to pulse to make us aware spatially of metre. I was really impressed by the way he got us to take a warm-up/introductory exercise and use it as the foundation for a piece, which became a composition.

I took away with me lots of ideas that I will most certainly use in music workshops. How to teach the theory of pulse/rhythm in a aural and kinaesthetic way. By keeping instructions down to a minimal and weighing heavy the amount of practice time; quite difficult concepts can easily be transferred to participants.

After lunch we had to do a more theoretical exercise. We had to explore what creativity actually is, and learned how to describe the different processes it consisted of and how it can be determined.

Confidence, problem solving, divergent thinking , etc were all elements discussed.

The last part of the session; my favourite was a group performance where we used a pentatonic scale of C to explore sound and different moods.

Good fun, and really useful!!

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