Ice-breaker DJing Workshop West Bromwich

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Today I worked for DynamicsArts for the first time! It was a great experience working with young mothers, trying to build self-esteem and have fun with the decks!

I managed to get some ladies to have a mess around with the technics and it was lovely to see big happy smiles on participant’s faces, hear exclamations of ‘Wicked!!’ from Lindsey and have loads of fun working!!

I also learned first hand the grievances and difficulties many young mothers have to go through; be it the judging glares of the public, the media stating that all young mothers decide to have children in order to get council housing and how quite often they are treated badly by midwives; which is absolutely appalling! I was astounded by how wise and mature some of the younger mothers were. One mother, aged around 12/13 gave excellent advice to new parents. The way she spoke exuded more common sense than some 20 somethings I know…

Some of the points that were brought up were:

1. Young people prefer people their own age to educate them about sex and parenting.

2. Leaflets about breasting feeding could never substitute a demonstration or discussion.

3. More information about getting back into education and professional development needed.

I hope to do more workshops that involve this sector. I would love to help young people of all walks of life express and help themselves through music.

Still don’t have a business card and have been asked several times for one; twice today!! I need to get this sorted quick smart!

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