Bobbie-Jane Gardner is a composer, arranger, researcher, lecturer, producer and music leader.

She has received commissions from Uchenna Dance Co., Vocab Dance Co., mac arts, Punch Records, Vivid Projects, Longbridge Public Art Project, LSO Discovery, Sound and Music, Fierce Festival, Grand Union, Heart n Soul, Spitalfields Music, The Gospel Revisited Project, Black Country Touring and Onyx Brass.

She completed a PhD in contemporary composition in 2020 and now teaches at Royal Birmingham and Leeds Conservatoires.

Giving back to the community is an important part of Bobbie’s practice and she often works in community settings.┬áHer most ambitious project to date is for-Wards; a city-wide music ode to Birmingham created in collaboration with 9 other Brummie composers and forty community groups!!

Bobbie is currently developing research projects that celebrate unsung composer-arrangers.